0n March 13, 2012 , I was not yet 10, and was a fourth grader. nonetheless, I decided to start a diary.
  1. Today, July 29,2017, I finished my fifth notebook
  2. Across 5 books
    I see how I grew from a kid who felt too wimpy and submissive as a 4 11' kid next to 3' 6' kids into a 6' 2' sophomore in high school who is known for being an impulsive racist who Abuses his extreme strength, beating kids up, and cursing instead of sports. An extreme change in mind and character, life is different.
  3. From this to this man
    I know in a few years I'll laugh at this, but I'm a sucker for transformations, and a transformation five years and five books of recording has made.
  4. See you at diary #10