This is from Pre school to Ninth grade, which is the grade I'm in now.
  1. Mr. Tunnessen
    He was a very old guy that told stories of his life in prison, and how people would murder each other. He fell asleep a lot too. I never had to do anything, and got an 100 in the class. And I mean literally. My mom was pissed at me for not doing any work, but he wasn't.
  2. Mr.Maher
    He had some charm. I was a thug in grade 6, but he cared the least.
  3. Mr. Synott
    He never once told me to calm down or be quiet, so he got some points there. He did give me an 80 on one assignment, and refused to raise my grade( I hadn't gotten below a 98 on anything else that year.), but to be fair, I kind of deserved that one.
  4. Mrs. Courtney
    What a hot cunt. She was really hot, really submissive, wrote a lot of nice comments on my papers, gave me 100s, was gone for 4 months of the year, raised my grade for just for asking, and never told me to calm down. Minus one because she looked 50 after she came back from having her baby.
  5. Mr. Vitale
    How I get through my day
  6. Mrs. Pierson
    I don't know how the fuck this was managed, but somehow, the guidance Counsellors managed to make a schedule the knew would piss me off in every way, but then give me one class that is perfect. Absolutely perfect. The teacher is hot AF, all my friends are in it, all the slutty girls are in it, and it's super easy. I wondered for a month how this was possible. It wasn't. Meridian switched to my class. Happiness over. Now history is better.
  7. Ms. Connelly
    She was hot too, but in third grade I barely noticed. Loud and obnoxious, but she said I was smartest in the class, and gave us a total of 3 recesses away from the other classes.
  8. Mr. Graham
    Meh. He wasn't that bad. I've always liked gym. He didn't mind me being bad at everything. He did give me my only detention though.
  9. Mrs. Bonnar
    Now everyone after this is a 5/10 or below. Mrs. Bonnar was weird. She liked to make shit jokes and talk about her kids, but she was chill, and kind-of-sexy-but kind-of wasn't but kind of was.
  10. Mr. Beato
  11. Mr.Courtemanche
    Wat a kewl kat.
  12. Mrs. Cotter
    Grade one was my second most rebellious year. I once killed our groups guppies by pinching them. I didn't like Mrs. Cotter, but mainly because it took until January to win student of the month. What bullshit. However, by June I didn't care because I had vomited and pissed on her, so I thought we were even. First grade shit man. Gross.
  13. Miss teague
    I honestly forgot her name until a month ago when someone mentioned her. Not Mr. Graham quality, but OK.
  14. Mrs. Stagnen
    Kindergarten sucked ass. My mom came in three times to volunteer, and it was the first time I thought I was a wimp.
  15. Mrs. Lucente
    She said I was the smartest kid in the class and that I DEFINITELY HAVE A DEGREE IN PROFESSIONAL STUDENTDOM(it's an inside joke).
  16. Mrs. Riemann
    Woof, second grade, woof.
  17. Library. Teacher 1
    Idk how 2 spell er name.i think it's denouers.
  18. Ms. Chase
    Pure boredom. The 2nd best 5th grade class.
  19. Mrs.Mejiah
    The better band teacher. She brought in a wii twice, and had karaoke days. She would be above cotter, but she partnered me with this dickhead named Connor who I befriended and who made seventh and 8th grade absolute shit.
  20. Mrs. Moriarty
    Not the worst. But, I got grounded 15 times because of behavioural complaints in her class, as opposed to 0 in Mr. Maher's.
  21. Mrs. Lyons
    The 24 year old pregnant health teacher who apparently wasn't qualified to teach sex Ed. fine otherwise.
  22. Mr. Mulrooney
    Out of all my teachers, he's the best person, but man does he suck at teaching. He's super chill, and He's pretty funny honestly, but he didn't know what a zip grade sheet was, so. Also I hate 11 out of the 17 people in my class to the point of wanting to murder them.
  23. Ms. O'connor
    Was calm, and was thought by most as Sexy( although personally I thought courtney looked way better), but she always based the tests on an atlas we couldn't bring home to study from.
  24. Mrs. Crowell
  25. Mrs. Youens
    She ruined an almost fun class.
  26. Ms. McMahon
    HUGE tits, but a complete asshole who was eavesdropping 24/7 and who gave me a 70 on a writing assignment for being "too creative" ( that isn't even an exaggeration. it literally said " This was too creative for you're writing strengths. Try a more traditional format next time").
  27. Miss crawford
    Nosey and boring, but She was the first person I ever thought about when carrot waxing.
  28. Alves
  29. mr. Wright
    I hope he gets beheaded in the woods with his own baton. (He was the one who liked Pantera)
  30. Miss lacasse
    Cute, kind, but said a lot of stupid bullshit, and ruined band.
  31. Giglio
  32. Advisory teachers
    Berube was best, Kalabokis was okay, baker was the worst, she gave us advisory homework like why the fuck would you give us 2 pages to fill out about our emotions each week. The best part of advisory was when 95% of the grade voted to get rid of it at the end of the year😄.
  33. Ms. Martin
  34. Ergenwider
    fuck her😡.
  35. Macphee bitch ass
    Satan wouldnt except her she had a somewhat okay book taste but was a real dick and called home because i said the word stupid in class and this was when I was 11, not 5.
  36. Venegoupal, elementary school teacher 1 and 2.
    They sucked, but weren't the worst.
  37. Ms. Beuel
    The bitchiest bitch ever. She's an aid at my high school 😑🔫
  38. Mrs. Sheehan
    Mrs. Sheehan is a fucking cunt. I'd rather have McMahon again, and I never thought I'd say that. To be fair, With Tommy in the class, you really can't be too decent. Tommy's a loud mouthed fucking Moron.
  39. Ms.Kay
    Ki Ki on weed.
  40. Mr. Greene
  41. Germain
    Liked Jimi Hendrix, but called home a bunch, and good god was her class cringe. Taught sex Ed to us, but I don't know she was the health teacher that was deemed qualified, seeing as she hasn't been laid since they reelected reagan!
  42. Schienbartle xx420
    Frequently thought of as the worst by many because of her bad teChing skills
  43. Ki-ki69696969696969
    Kiley sounded like satan, smokes in class, failed me, and was the 2nd most misandrist teacher
  44. Fuckthisonereallyman
    Bibber was so bad I didn't want to type her name. She had the guys and girls on separate sides of the room and had extra homework, and two more dissections for us to do then the girls. Though she knew how to properly organise a binder, she was the worst, even my mudder agrees now fuck off iPod.