I'm only posting here because I think this isn't important enough to go on Instagram.
  1. Let's do a little rewinding
    Okay, so last year, I worked my ass off to make the basketball team, and that was the only thing I was doing right. I had no confidence, no friends, and drifted off as far away as I could from a good place. But I was working hard.
  2. And: I didn't make it.
    I didn't even come close. I was the first kid they cut. I was getting absolutely destroyed. And even though I had some playing confidence, it wasn't nearly enough to be considered dominant.
  3. It was the worst pain of my life
    I didn't cry, but I was hurt badly. However, I thought at the very least I could get better if I played in the town league.
  4. Long story short: It was the worst decision I ever made.
    It wasn't until Recently that I've started to bounce back a bit. I don't know where this is going, but I know it's happening. And today is my last game in the town league.
  5. I have never been so happy.
    We lost every game in the regular season, and only lost one game by less than ten. And it's the playoffs. what happened in game one?
  6. No plot twist: we got fucking crushed.
    We lost by 23, and now we are one game away for being eliminated once and for all. Finally!
  7. Goodbye, 2016, and hello 2017.
    The last shitty decision I made last year is over.We'll lose by forty, and I'll be the happiest man alive. Actually I'll probably be pissed, but IDC. I'll update this after the game at 5.
  8. It's over
    This was the closest game we ever had, although 42-46 is still a loss. I can finally focus on getting better, with things like running, jumping, shooting jumpers, boxing out, dribbling, and a tad bit on rebounding. Yeah If I want to make JV next year I need a to put in a lot more work, but I've made progress. CYBL made me feel like I didn't improve at all. I'm so glad it's over.