1. After cursing a few times today, I thought " when did I start saying such vulgar swears, instead of being casual"...
  2. I thought of June 7th, April 7th, but then I thought of something else...
  3. 8th grade New York field trip
    When on the bus towards the place I screamed " go fuck yourself" twice during attendence. Kids then let me in their group and they are kind of racist people.
  4. Why did I do this?
    Because I wanted to see if I could build a new life without an asshole friend killing it, and to do that, I needed courage. Risking getting in trouble took courage.
  5. Why did I want a new life?
    Because my friend was abusing me, because I gave him too much control. Because I was watching rebel media, and they said to man up.
  6. Why did I give up control/ watch rebel media?
    Because I was sick of not being able to talk to anyone male or female, due to anxiety, and I gave up control because of said anxiety.
  7. Why was I so anxious?
    Because I masturbated way too much
  8. Who got me into masturbating way too much and nihilism, leading to all of this?
    George Carlin
  9. I have two books of his. Napalm and silly putty, and when will Jesus bring the pork chops.
    Ima burn the books.