at the start of the previous school year, you were my hero, my role model. but now you ruined my life.
  1. You got me sent to my dean twice for shit reasons
    And if that wasn't bad enough. You drained every last ounce of power I once had. I went 128 days PMO free and I relapsed because I thought my sexual energy was what was ruining me. My fear can not go away. You have ruined my educational experience. Everyone thinks I'm racist now. Girls curve me everywhere saying "fuck off racist". You set me up, telling Frank to block me because I was rascist, giving me the worst spring break ever, when he was very free.
  2. You told owen To stay away from me
    He banned from the group chat and got me kicked out of two plusblocks. He told everyone else to stay away. The day everyone told me to fuck off was all you. Fuck you.