George carlin quotes that matter

My favourite carlin quotes
  1. " Really, when it comes down to it, there isn't really anything wrong with coveting Thy neighbours wife. Otherwise what's a guy gonna think about when he's waxing his carrot"?
    This one gave me an the term I use to describe masturbation.
  2. " Hey lady 'EAT ME'"!
  3. " I'm reaching out... Well reach out and JERK ME OFF"
  4. "BUDABOOM MOTHERFUCKER... you want to try budabing'"?
  5. "Why is it that most of the people Who are against abortion or people you wouldn't wanna fuck in the first place?"
  6. " Jeffery Dahmer never thought of this shit did HE? Jeffery Dahmer eat your heart out... Which is an interesting thought in and of itself".
  7. "' well I love my children'... Fuck you... John wayne Gacy loved his children".
  8. " If you want a good bullshit story, you have to stand in awe of religion. If I may permitted a small pun, HOLY SHIT."
  9. " Fuck these boomers, fuck these yuppies, and fuck everybody now that I think of it".
  10. "One time I came home from work and caught me cheating on myself with another hand! I was real upset."
    My life🙁
  11. "'You know, he real takes the cake.'"where"?
    The best part of this quote isn't the quote itself, but rather the way he says it. Google it, it's great.