The worst moments of my life, caused by temporary stupidity, as of eighth grade.
  1. Going to BSO
  2. Thinking 2 in 1 laptops matter.
    Now I have a shittop.
  3. Picking to do my first research paper on Justinian instead of Constantine
    Justinian did nothing to shape modern times. At least Constantine made christianity legal.
  4. Buying an IPod touch 5, 16 GB, because I thought that it would have the same functionality as a 32 GB one.
    I was wrong. No back camera! This is bullshit, even for apple.
  5. Thinking I needed a laptop more than a smartphone.
    Now I have this thing covering every bit of functionality I wanted a computer to do. Look above for my opinion on it.
  6. Buying a Wii U.
    It's a good system, it's just that I don't like video games
  7. Writing a letter to Santa Claus at age 10
    I essentially wrote was that what I wanted for Christmas was for my mom to die, and for my crush to get horny
  8. Going to Berkeley center for a band perfomane
    It sucked