My Favorite Presidents( updated 10/14/16)

  1. 9. Lyndon Johnson
    Well, what do you do if you're a dick-less wimp with no merits or decency? Hold a kewl ass war to gain some man points
  2. 8. John F. Kennedy
    He slept with Marilyn monroe, so he didn't need man points. The country was so jealous, they sent a castrated commie to kill him.
  3. 7. Chester A. Arthur
    The first modern president. A fat cigar smoking mustached yuppy cocksucker who got all the taxpayers money and did none of the work. It's called being a real politician. Except I have way more respect for him than Mike Pence.
  4. 6. William Howard Taft
    He was LIT!!!
  5. 5. John Tyler
    The Ron Swanson of the white house.
  6. 4. George Washington
  7. 3. Thomas Jefferson
    I know everything they discussed in the rap battle about him. He was a real cool guy. 5 stars
  8. 2. James monroe
    Meh. He seemed ok.
  9. 1. TR
    He created everything.