My thoughts on Obama throughout his administration

In 2008, I was just 6. Now I'm 14, with weird political beliefs.
  1. 2008: A NEW president? Who was the old one?
  2. 2009: Obama's cool and all, but I'd make a way better president.
  3. 2010: Obama sucks horse cock.
  4. 2011: Fuck Obama! Let's impeach him!
    And unlike the 2010 one, I remember saying this, and My dad agrees that I said this.
  5. 2012: Obama needs to be killed! We need Romney more than a second coming of christ!
  6. 2013: Obama's garbage Okay, who cares.
  7. 2014: Obama is the beginning of something good, but honestly isn't the good part.
  8. 2015: If Bernie wins, he will make the country what it should've been under Obama.
  9. 2016: Well, now who am I going to blame for problems? I hope sanders or trump wins, I'll be deemed as sexist for saying "damn you Hillary"!