My transformation

In the spring of this year, I was a retarded jerk off, with no talent. I didn't think so, but really I was. In May, I believe the 15th, I started the climb to where I am now. I'm not that great. But I'm a hell of a lot better. Here's how I got to where I am now.
  1. On May 15, my basketball hoop in my drive way fell over.
    My grandmother was pissed. She wanted to get rid of it. She told me I never used it, and she was wondering If I even liked basketball.
  2. Immediately, I started watching sports Center, then I started practicing.
    Not a lot, like twice . But it was a start.
  3. Then, two weeks later I discovered rebel.Media
    I Watched a lot of gavin McInnes, and after a few weeks, I discovered his video "NoWanks".
  4. Then on June 26, I was reading a book in my mom's room waiting for my grandad to pick me up( I was home alone btw).
    About a minute later, I put the book down and started jerking off. After I came, I had the most disgusted feeling ever. I thought "Can I even go one day without masturbating"?
  5. I failed and I failed again. Then, on July 5, I decided enough was enough.
    I not only went one day, I went a whole week. I started practicing basketball more to get my mind of it. I ended up finally scoring for the first time on the twelfth. When I relapsed that night, I got the worst pain in my dick. I knew then I wanted to stop permanently.
  6. I didn't do a day of NoFap again until August.
    I was really, REALLY bored last summer. I knew NoFap made me feel like I was gonna' die, so I did it for the entertainment. I relapsed on the 26th of August, two days later, but I dismissed it and kept going. I watched porn every single day, and I still thought I was amazing.
  7. I went outside and practiced basketball every day.
    It soon became a habit.
  8. I relapsed on my first day of high school.
    I went and did a few days here and there, but nothing big.
  9. On October 12, We had a mandatory meeting for people who wanted to try out for the freshman basketball team.
    Afterwards, they had an open gym. Even though I was on the team of people who didn't play AAU, I still sucked ass. I knew that I needed to put a lot more effort in if I wanted to make the team. And I thought I did.
  10. On October 21, I was quickly proven wrong.
    At the second open court, they just threw everyone together and let us play. 8 out of the 15 had already played for the team. I was guarding they're shooting guard. I went up for a block at one point, and he elbowed me in the chest, knocking me to the floor. I knew then that I had no chance just trying. I had to turn into a machine!
  11. Right away, I started looking at every work out video and testosterone boosting video I could find.
    I did workouts every day, took cold showers and shit, and thought nothing was changing
  12. Then, On election day, I jacked off to some Sophie Dee porn.
    This was the straw that broke the camels back. As I was lying there naked, covered in my jizz, with my laptop ob stomach, jizz all over the screen and even some on my shoulders, with the porno still playing, I became more angry than I've ever been. I vowed never to do it again.
  13. And I just beat my old 'record'
    This time I went fifteen legitimate days, no edging or anything. The only reason I remember who I watched was because I haven't forgot any of the names yet. But that will come. I've noticed a lot. I speak without fear, I don't stutter anymore, l have a drive to do things, I feel great. Two kids in my classes have said I'm the most muscular kid they've seen. My friends have said I don't seem as shy as I was before. It's amazing. One month is In sight. I believe in myself!