Okay so the first reddit challenge I saw, NoFap, completely changed my life, I want more benefits. I recently started drinking half a gallon of water a day. Now I'm gonna add in two more challenges. Cold showers( I don't shower every day, but this is just an update board), and 300 push ups a day. Let's see how I change by day 30.
  1. Day 1: Meh. I was honestly expecting more from this.
    I feel good. Not Godlike or anything. Maybe tomorrow after basketball tryouts, I'll have something to say. My chest hurts. I'm fine otherwise.
  2. Day 3(afternoon): Holy jumping fuck and shit balls!
    Basketball tryouts were friggin' brutal! We did 8 suicides in a row as a warm up. I've never done more than two in a row. The coach actually recommended we drink a gallon a day, to prevent dehydration. It's a good thing it was day 20 for NoFap or I'd be in the hospital. I'm dead serious. If I relapse I'll be in tears. Also I found my glasses, so yay. I have another session tonight. I see it now Michael Cameron: 2002-2016. He was loved.
  3. Day 6: I fucked up, I'll admit.
    I relapsed three times on nofap and now I have a lot of acne again. However I lost about three pounds, and I feel pretty good. However that's just in my mind. I probably still suck shit at basketball.
  4. Day 9: I'm a little disappointed
    I'm gonna keep things up, but this doesn't have a monster effect. Next week, I'll decide officially if this was useless. This is me now. You like that don't you lil' boi 👅👅👅👅
  5. Day 12: I feel the strength. Let's see if it matters.
    At tryouts, I was a shrimp, despite thinking I was god. Let's see if my new"strength" has an effect on anything
  6. Day 14:This marks my first fucking success since birth!
    All of the last two weeks I've been doing this, i have never reached 300 in one time period. But this day I did 300 in one day! It's small, but this is hopefully the start of many larger victories to come. And I'm sick I'm so proud of myself.
  7. Day 15: I did it for the first time!
    This is a pretty good challenge. After losing 21-57 in my first CYBL game, noFap, 300 pushups, and a cold shower takes some of the pain away. I'm gonna' stay with this.
  8. Day 20: Crawling back in this.
    I feel pretty good, but I've been the least sharp I've ever been. This challenge has been helping me along. Let's go!💯
  9. Day 23: Lesson learned; I'm fucking fat.
    I mean I guess I see a little more definition, bit I'm still fat. I'm gonna' try to eat a little less shitty. I want to be able to run faster, but not be skinny. Let's see how this goes
  10. Day 26: It's a slow growth.
    Going from the physique of an 8 year old to looking like Arnold schwarznegger isn't an overnight thing. And neither is changing you're mind. But having a plan to follow everyday will get you places. I'm still a fucking skinny pussy, 26 days in. But it's at least a start. That's the best advice I can give. The 27th will be the last time I post here. It's a great start.
  11. Day 30: well this was definitely a confidence booster.
    I honestly don't know if this really affected my body that much, but the push-ups did give me the confidence to push myself, even when I kept failing on NoFap. And man, I've been using the LG G5 for four days, and I was right. This keyboard on the iPod 5G is WAAAAAAYYYYY better. Like I hated this keyboard before I got the phone, but now I could write a fucking novel with it. This is so beautiful.