Nofap results

This is inspiration for the nofap challenge.
  1. Nofap has changed which Hopsin quote accurately describes my life.
    Before it was " Jack off, go to sleep, jack off again.", now it's " All you fucking care about is fighting, rapping, and basketball". I feel it was a big improvement.
  2. First week
    I went one week in July, and suddenly I could make jerk off jokes and not feel nervous.
  3. Second week
    I went two weeks in august, and got a lot of energy.
  4. Random days
    Before I jacked off 7 times a day: once in bed before My alarm went off, once while I got ready, before I did my homework, To porn before supper, to porn after supper, In bed to porn, in bed without porn. The result: sexual numbness. I never could get a hard on in school, was shy and nervous, always had a slight sting when I pissed, and loved it. Now I have energy, and for the first time in my life am considering asking a girl in my english class out.
  5. I also discovered doc testosterone, and got a lot of man tips.
    I feel like Ron Swanson now.
  6. In the end, nofap gives you wings