Photos On My Phone throughout the years

I've had this iPod for almost 3 years, so I've been through a lot with it. I got my iPod on December 27, 2013. This was between the cool part of grade 5 and 6 so, I had a wimpy period. I played Just Dance and I was listening to "Party in the USA" when my mom told me she'd buy it for me. Here are some top of the line pics:
  1. My first Instagram account
    September of 2013. Man, I was such a noob. Looking back, I only created an Instagram because I was jealous that Juliana had one. Man, shit I've overheard Juliana say has had a lot of impact on my life, come to think of it.
  2. This is the very first picture on my Ipod
    The date was January 14, 2014, the night of the only decent band concert I ever had. Every other one sucked. Just look at how cute and innocent 11 year old me is.
  3. I've had this photo in my primary camera roll for two and a half years.
    Why? I'd get it if it was just in google photos, but why didn't I ever delete this? I guess it was A good night. I went on an inflatable slide, ate fried Oreos, got Ice cream at sullies, and beat the shit out of Corbin twice, it was great. Looking back, punching Hunter's friends may have been a reason he stopped talking to me.
  4. Me during my first trip to universal studios:
    This is really the last pure moment of my life. I was so peaceful and innocent.
  5. But Oh God, why?!!!!
    I just noticed this about ten minutes ago and can't un-see it.
  6. This picture of me on 9/11/14
    I wanted to start taking daily selfies, but I could never top this ones amazingness. To this day it's my favourite picture of myself.
  7. First time at Connor's house
    If I had a time machine I would first tell myself of all the horror's to come with Connor.
  8. 12 Year old me trying to be sexy.
  9. Me at the new years eve 2014 celtics game.
    I can't remember who they played, or if they won, or anything else other than waiting for my mom to return from the bathroom for an 11 minute period, and this picture being taken. Randomness.
  10. First time at Lazercrase
    Lazercrase is better than most arcades, but will never hold a candle to the small, quiet arcade at the great wolf lodge.
    Honestly, I still don't get the reference, but this just sounds funny. A good gem from January 2015.
  12. Beauty.
  13. Still true.
  14. TheBasketballGod
    OG account that I tried to copy.
  15. This.
    I really like this. Idk Y.
  16. What I like about this picture is that it was taken right as the furious masturbation started.
  17. My hostility.
  18. Pepper Palace.
    I sweat when I eat ketchup, so I remember eating that hot sauce. BTW, hunter is the one standing up above me.
  19. Best. Selfie. Ever
    Girls need to learn how to take selfies from me. I'll teach you for just one blowjob.
  20. Great wolf lodge.
    That's Connor. I actually beat him here, so he preceded to kick me in the nuts.
  21. New York trip.
  22. My profile pic.
    Other than here.
  23. Now
    When I took this picture I thought " HOLY SHIT, I look nothing like I think I do.
  24. Story: Around a month ago, I tried to change my profile picture.
    I took me about a minute to realize it took 60 pictures and almost an hour of editing( on mobile) to get my current one. If I change my profile Pic by sophomore year, I'll be shocked.