ever since November, I have had no filter, and due to my family hating the election results and me rebelling from my family, my politics go farther and farther right, until here I am, a Confederate american teenager. in secret, of course. Here are a few things to know about me.
  1. This is how my rating system works
    0: For Mega faggot pussy cunts 1: For Mega Faggot cunts 2: for Pussies white faggots 3: For Fucking pussy faggots 4: for Mega fags 5: for Pussies 6: for stupid Fags 7: for fucking queers 8: For Bisexuals 9: for real men 10: Hardcore shit man
  2. I vary a lot in toughness
    Some times I'm a Confederate god. Other times, I'm a scared little girl asking my where Daddy went. Now I'm the second option, it's day by day, but also because Of excessive choking of the chicken. I'm gonna run down some more shit tommorow and keeping going until you know everything