The Modern man

There are three problems with most guys. I Will elaborate in a minute. Keep in mind, I'm not entirely perfect, I do some of this shit some times.
  1. The first is the guy that simply has the wrong idea of what's masculine.
    Now this is a little bit contradictory, but the key to being truly tough is doing things and shutting the fuck up. I don't mean be a shy fuck, you can talk to your friends and talk online about your accomplishments, but don't take them and make them advice. If you bench 200, great, but don't tell everyone else they're a loser if they don't work out. Do it, and shut the fuck up. ( artofmanliness, maddox, gavin mcinnes, etc.)
  2. Then, you have people with good ideas, but aren't exactly qualified.
    I'll admit I'm very average looking. But when George Carlin said that the body isn't a holy vessel, it's a tool, I agreed. But, he's George Carlin.
  3. This is David Robinson
  4. See a problem?
    George isn't really a guy who can talk about the subject.