My wife @aminam has her 30th birthday 😱 coming up--among many other life events: 4th wedding anniversary👫, our blueberry-sized baby/fetus 👾?, and a move from Hawaii 🌴 to New York 🗽--so I went looking for the perfect gift 💯. Did I use that right? Anyways, I didn't find it. Instead, I've decided to make it, starting with this riddle.
  1. Your gift is alive, has a metabolism, but no gender.
  2. It can live for as long as you take proper care of it, even a 100 years.
    You don't have a good track record with plants so don't waste a guess on that.
  3. You need to water it.
    Again, it's not a plant, so you can do this!
  4. It "remembers" it's home, and will help you do the same.
    Tricky. Technically not a function of memory, hence the quotation marks, but it takes on the characteristics of where it's born.
  5. It grows via a process of asexual reproduction/mitosis known as budding.
  6. With preparation and time, you can eat it.
    Probably the biggest clue...
  7. What is the gift?
    Give @aminam a chance to guess folks!