A neologism is a new word or expression that usually comes from contemporary culture. Here is a list of a few that I found online. Ok, I made the first one up, but LMK what you think.
  1. Doppelhäter
    Doppelgänger + hater = They hate us cuz they ain't us, but they want to be us... and yes, technically this is also a portmanteau...
  2. Astroturfing
    Creating an artificial hype around an event, movement or person aka fake grassroots. Yelp does this, the entertainment industry does too, and so do political parties.
  3. Geobragging
    Constantly updating the status of your location especially when vacationing. It's a bad idea because it generates more jealousy in your doppelhäters and lets thieves know you aren't home!
  4. 404
    Someone who is clueless
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  8. Yeah, that just happened.
    It's my favorite neologism too haha