Hey, we all procrastinate in one way or another, whether we like to admit it or not. Society seems to have a monopoly on determining when it's wrong to procrastinate, implicitly judging the work ethic of us unconventional types. Well, I'm pushing back on this by explaining what's actually happening, when it looks like nothing is happening...
  1. I'm super productive in my active avoidance
    When I am not ready to do something, I'm doing other things, not being lazy. Other things I've put off suddenly become important again like those pesky dirty dishes or that list that "needed" to be written 😳
  2. I'll get to it when I'm ready to
    The truth is that I'm avoiding this task, because I'm not ready to tackle it yet. I'm still thinking about it, debating with myself in my head, weighing the pros and cons, sleeping on it or whatever. Subconsciously I know the answer is in there, somewhere...
  3. I'm not putting things off (really)
    My work is an art. You can't force art. It just happens. When it starts happening, I'll be there to direct that energy towards project completion.
  4. It's my timeline, not yours
    Well, ok, maybe it's "our" timeline, but for realsies, like I was saying about my art is that it takes time to gestate and ferment, like food and alcohol. I don't deal well with micromanagement, I need and thrive off of autonomy. It's one of the chief complaints of workers in the digital age, lack of autonomy and the tyranny of upper management. Computers are a blessing and a curse in this regard.
  5. Sooner is better, except when it's not
    Why rush to failure? Let's gather all the data, all those "TPS reports," and have a solid rough draft without perfecting it a week before the big presentation. If we sit on this a little longer, the best course of action will definitely make itself know, probably at the last minute, I promise. 😬
  6. Stressing me out about this, ain't helping!
    I'm stressed about this thing already, which is why I haven't physically started the project. You reminding me of the importance doesn't really help the situation. I gotcha bro 💯, now just back up and let me do my thing.
  7. A gentle nudge does help though
    Hey if you have a good idea, let it be known, I'll take it and run with it as soon as I'm ready to. When everything comes together, I'll graciously thank my contributors. Like my work, helping a friend along, without being counterproductive (or an asshole), is an art form.
  8. In the end, whatever is meant to be, will be
    This may not be the "take the bull by the horns" type of message that people who "lean in" like, but I'm happy where I'm at, and how long it took me to get here. If ever this changes, I trust in myself enough to adapt and maybe next time turn in the project before its deadline.😳