I spent most of my early life trying to exceed (conform to) expectations. I think it's part of growing up where society remind us that the rest of our lives depends on behaving according to a set of rules. Once I got married and comfortable in my own skin I realized I'm actually quirky and so is my wife @aminam! Let's all share our quirks!
  1. We name inanimate objects like you would pets. So I wake up to Alexa the alarm clock, make sure Robbie the Roomba is set to vacuum when I leave for school, I walk to Alex (my Nissan Xterra) only to see that Bella (wife's car) has blocked me in...
  2. My wife and I kiss a symmetrical number of times. A kiss on the left cheek demands a kiss on the right check and maybe the nose too! Even or odd numbers don't matter as much as balance does, as if kisses have a certain weight to them. Haha
  3. I used to be all chivalrous opening doors for my wife and such, but after so many years of her telling me about nasty hospital germs where she works, I've become a germaphobe. I take an extra paper towel when leaving the public restroom just to open the door with it! I just washed my hands and that dirty person in front of me didn't! Gross...
  4. I sleep on the left side of the bed. Always have, always will. Before we married my wife also slept on the left side of her bed. Big problems...Using a convincing logic of big spoon-little spoon rhetoric I finagled my way into sleeping the way I want to and we share big spoon snuggle duties haha. Let's be honest we all want to be the little spoon!
  5. Sad, but true: I can be a "hangry" person. I turn into a giant man-baby if I don't eat on a regular basis. I can't even help it. (young people: I can't even!) I know being cranky ain't cool, but damn it sometimes you need food to feel good. My wife wisely accommodates me and packs an assortment of goodies to keep me stable until our next meal.
  6. Care to share your quirky behavior?
  7. I talk to my car. We hit an unavoidable pothole? I apologize profusely. Some asshole cuts us off? I yell and apologize to her for having to slam on the brakes. We end up stuck behind some dude who is barely going the speed limit? "Oh, of course, he's from Maryland."
    Notice the "we." My Buick and I are a team.
    Suggested by @LizDawson
  8. In the winter, I'll keep my car blanket on the driver seat when I'm not driving because I'm convinced it prevents my seats from getting too cold. If it's cold enough, I'll drive with the blanket wrapped around my legs.
    Suggested by @kbon
  9. I have have the volume setting in my car on an even number or multiple of 5 so 25 is okay but 27 is not!?
    I mean if someone else is driving and I don't notice, it's okay. But, if I'm actively changing it myself, this is my brain's rule!
    Suggested by @kate81