I've been binge watching a lot of TV lately. I blame Archie. I watch mostly while I'm feeding him. That's why. Not because I'm avoiding my kid. Calm down.
  1. Making a Murderer
    I know this makes me the basic bitch of true crime consumption, but whatever. It's so incredibly bleak and insanely compelling. Do I think he did it? I dunno. Do I think the cops planted evidence. Obviously. Watch it so we can get drunk and scream at each other about it. Please. I need this.
  2. Jessica Jones
    I dig the shit out of this "superhero" series on Netflix. It's dark, campy and really twisted. Delightfully so. Krysten Ritter and David Tennant are both so great as these messed up people. Plus it managed to be a story about human stakes in a show featuring inhuman abilities. How rad is that?
  3. Nurse Jackie
    Merritt Wever creates one of my favorite characters of all times and manages to plot her journey from pilot to series finale with sheer brilliance. Probably could have been 5 PERFECT seasons, but it didn't overstay it's welcome. Dig this show and these bizarrely grounded characters a whole lot. PS - pills will really mess your life up.
  4. I guess this isn't really a binge watch situation, BUT there are weeks where I'm too busy to watch on the nightly and I'll plow through all four in an afternoon. Plus, who doesn't love to go on a solid Hashtag War bender?
  5. Difficult People
    I love these terribly insecure and hilarious people who can't get out of their own way. I've always wanted to write mean but emotionally compelling characters like Billy and Julie. Screw them for beating me to it.
  6. Power
    I've never owned a club or been a drug dealer named Ghost, BUT that didn't stop me from watching the whole first season in a weekend. 50 CENT CAN'T BE TRUSTED!!!
  7. Orphan Black
    Haven't seen every episode, BUT there is something about good British sci-fi that makes me BIIIIIINGE. Tatiana Maslany gives incredibly compelling performances that could appear to be cheesy character improv games in lesser hands. Stakes are real and weird and creepy...great show.