1. The color of this lady's pants. Grrrrrreen.
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  2. Transporting a pillow on the subway seems silly.
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  3. iPad comic books look hella fun.
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  4. No one is looking at my mustache. Thank god. It's not there yet.
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  5. My own latent and carefully honed skills at taking pictures without anyone realizing.
  6. This subway car is fighting the good fight in regards to temperature regulation. Good effort, MTA.
  7. No one on this R train smells weird. That's huge.
  8. There's a dude with a cool Warriors hat at the other end of the car. I'm pretending we could be friends.
  9. Made it to the express train on time and without buying a churro.
  10. Toughest decision I'm making today involves Taco Bell. So far.
  11. I didn't run too hard up the steps at 86th. So waiting 4 minutes for the 6 train doesn't feel like a complete waste.
  12. Seeing Wicked advertising in the subway seems funny. Who hasn't heard of Wicked?
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  13. Sometimes I think about waving to the people on the other platform, but I'm afraid they would think I'm signaling something to them and jump or hurt themselves trying to escape non-existent danger. So I don't.
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  14. I saw my first Beats by Dre headphones at 6:46pm today. Crazy.
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  15. Because I prepared my mind and spirit, the steeper subway steps didn't suck so hard.
  16. I beat Obama home to my neighborhood so that's good.
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  17. I'm getting Taco Bell.
  18. I got Taco Bell. Including Baja Blast. This is important.
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  19. The Islamic Cultural Center by my apartment is stunning.
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  20. This dude.
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