1. He shared a story about a fellow student. After PE, they walked back to the locker room. Dude whipped out a vape. Son was terrified. He immediately bounced out to avoid being in the same space as the dude. 👏👏👏👏
  2. While watching Ellen DeGeneres share stories about Macy, the young girl who is obsessed with US Presidents trivias and facts. I was so charmed by her wittiness I jokingly said "Why aren't any of my kids like her". Son immediately said "Mom, when you say that in front of your kids, you are hurting our confidence". My jaw dropped.
  3. School left a message that he is tardy at 4th period. We got on his case. He replied "why are you stressing over tardiness. First ever in the school year. And don't forget, I was still at class and learned something."