The best movies ever

These are my all-time favorites.
  1. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
    Shane Black wrote and directed. Incredibly smart, very quick-witted script.
  2. The Shining
    Hilarious. Terrifying. Nicholson. Kubrick. Colorado.
  3. Jerry Maguire
    This movie is everything: drama, romantic comedy, coming-of-age story, sports film, bromance.
  4. Hook
    I wish I could have been anybody in this movie—pirate, Lost Boy, gaffer, best boy...even Brad. This is my "sick day" movie.
  5. Fight Club
    I don't think this movie could ever get made today. Plus, it's David Fincher.
  6. Wall•E
    It is absurd that this movie didn't get an Oscar. It should have been l 2008's best picture. That it wasn't even nominated for best animated feature is disgusting.
  7. Heat
    Holy jeez... This film is emotionally draining.
  8. Gladiator
    This movie still makes me cry.
  9. Ghostbusters
    The 1984 original. Literally everybody loves it: young, old, men, women, children. The best parts are so subtle and underwritten. Rick Moranis running away from a horse, screaming "You will perish in flames!" and tripping over some old woman's grocery sack. "Egon, your mucous."
  10. Solaris
    I've seen both films, but George Clooney's 2002 film is the one I'm talking about. This film haunted me for a whole summer.