Views are of my life, or of what I see, of others.
  1. When I think, I make you feel stupid? Stop asking me to think!
  2. Life is a paradox when respect isn't the acceptable means for getting ahead.
  3. Your my friend, when they're not near. When those are near, your far from here.
  4. I regret to inform you, but based on your life twenty-five years ago, you're a loser.
  5. Her love is based on your resume. Your resume is based on what you want to buy.
  6. Love is money. Money is love. Never satisfied. Not enough money or love.
  7. Refuse to be more like someone else. Not your sin, but their sin? Not your nihilism, but their nihilism? Looks like we're all the same.
  8. The world is forever changing, from yesterday, to today, to tomorrow, but still the same as yesterday, but different.
  9. In families that try to appear perfect, it's a attempt to hide what's bad, in a sad way.
  10. Whether food on the table, or scraps on the floor, the rich will always take the claim, and boo to the poor.
  11. They tell us there's an added suggestion box, so I added a suggestion, saying, "We need suggestions!"