-For Betty Jo, an old lady, who is still alive.- 😭
  1. She lived through (in?) the dust bowl.
  2. She had sex with a member of an international spy agency.
    Oh yeah. Picture it.
  3. She got through middle school having been named Betty Jo
  4. She organized multiple campaign fundraising parties for Shirley Chisholm (the first black woman elected to the U.S. Congress (1968-83) and the first major-party black candidate for President of The United States. She served SEVEN terms in congress (D-NY).
  5. She worked at The Library of Congress
  6. She bore children in Cypress, the island-nation.
    Other island nations includes but are not limited to: Australia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and Mauritius.
  7. She produced and directed nearly a dozen amateur theater productions: musicals, stage plays and variety shows.
  8. She taught middle school and high school english.
  9. She raised My Mother Susan...who rocks!!
  10. She sang in 3 part harmony 🎹
  11. She sucked at Basketball.
  12. She was born in Oklahoma
  13. She paid her way through college, in Texas, in the 1940's by working full time at Sears...WHILE taking classes.
  14. She picked Cotton.
  15. She played the Piano.
  16. She once told her grandson, when he was 20 years old, "you see, it is good, nature teaches us to accept change."
    And her grandson was like 🙀..."dayum gramma, that was deep."
  17. She helped raise me.
  18. She learned to dance.
  19. She plucked chickens.
  20. She wrote [in script, mind you] more than 40 stories of her life.