1. Revise the outline for that blogpost
  2. Write draft 4 of the blogpost.
  3. Exercise, Thrice.
  4. Do pull-ups.
  5. Go see a live music performance!
  6. Finish + Demo a new song.
  7. Read 4 chapters of Oscar Wilde's Picture of Dorian Gray.
  8. Forget about that thing.
  9. Call my grandmother.
  10. Meet with Geoff Ong.
  11. Commit to playing an open mic in the next 7 days.
  12. Draft a setlist as if the tour started TODAY.
  13. Send out 15 more booking email.
  14. Follow up on & booking emails.
  15. Thank Anna.
  16. Contact Joel re: the masters and session files from our sessions.
  17. Contact +thank Joel and Tyler
  18. Listen to Donny Hathaway
  19. Do vocal exercises, twice.
  20. Listen to Thundercat.
  21. Daydream about guitars, Digital Audio a Workstation software, condenser microphones, the TC-Helicon Voice Live Touch 2, and a new MacBook Pro.
  22. Talk to Alexandra, try to understand.
  23. Show gratitude for my new, super brilliant coworkers.
  24. Try to contact Mason, again.
  25. Go on a Tinder date and spend at least $15.