9 Ways to Channel Last Weekend’s Energy Into Sustained Action for LGBTQ Rights

It’s more important than ever for us to organize, mobilize, and fight in solidarity against attempts to roll back the rights of our communities. No matter who sits in the Oval Office, HRC will remain focused in our fight for the equal dignity of LGBTQ people everywhere -- and we can’t do it without you. Here are some actions you can take:
  1. Call your member of Congress
    Call your member of Congress and make sure they know that you care about LGBTQ equality and that you'll be watching how they vote on Trump’s cabinet picks. Ensure they thoroughly vet each nominee and ask them to oppose Sessions, Price, Carson, and any nominee who fails to make clear LGBTQ people should receive full protection under the law. Tell them you want the Affordable Care Act to stay. Ensure they know you support our LGBTQ family and friends who are immigrants. Your persistence matters!
  2. Stay informed on current events and share information
    Read the newspaper, follow your favorite non-profits, and help your friends stay up to date on the issues. Sign up to HRC’s AM Equality for daily updates on the fight for equality and share a news tip with HRC’s blog.
  3. Talk to your kids about bullying issues
    Let’s help arm them against bullying and harassment and ensure that all kids feel safe in their schools and community. Visit WelcomingSchools.org for tips to share with your child and school.
  4. Speak up
    If you hear or see something offensive, please say something if it feels safe. It's our collective responsibility at this moment in history, to help fight against hate and create spaces that are safe and open for all. Let others in the LGBTQ community know that they matter, they are valued, and they have a place in our country.
  5. Reach out to local leaders
    Whether it’s your school board member or your state legislators, changes starts in your backyard. Track local laws and policies and reach out to your elected officials wherever you might be.
  6. Follow HRC across social media
    Follow HRC on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for up to date news, actions and alerts, including specific news in your city and state. Don't forget to add your email address to our list for the latest news as well.
  7. Volunteer with the Human Rights Campaign
    Our volunteer-led events and activities are about engaging LGBTQ people and our allies, educating the public, and raising funds necessary to support the important work of HRC locally and nationally. Join a vibrant, energetic group of leaders in your community. Our work now is more important than ever.
  8. Make a donation to HRC and other non-profits
    Your monetary contributions make our work possible. We promise to use your gift to fight for a world in which every single LGBTQ person has the rights, privileges, and protections they deserve.
  9. Share your story
    Use your voice to inspire change. Never underestimate the value of your story and its ability to move hearts and minds to the side of equality. We have seen it work before.