While the House passed a bill to repeal the ACA last month, the Senate is crafting a bill behind closed doors without hearings, debates or public drafts. They’ve even refused to release the text – keeping it from senators who fear it will drastically hurt the the LGBTQ community. Here’s what we do know about the repeal effort that passed the House:
  1. It would result in at least 14 million Americans losing insurance by 2018 and 23 million being uninsured by 2026 – including skyrocketing the uninsured rate of kids by 50 percent.
  2. It would allow companies to once again deny health insurance to someone living with a pre-existing condition including people living with HIV.
  3. It would dramatically alter Medicaid, causing millions of women, children, the disabled and people living with HIV to lose health coverage.
  4. It would threaten the funding of Planned Parenthood and their clinics, which often serve as the only quality-affordable LGBTQ friendly health provider in communities.