HB2 is an outrageous and unprecedented anti-LGBTQ bill signed into law by North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory.
  1. FACT:
    HB2 has repealed local protections for LGBTQ people and banned cities from passing future protections.
  2. FACT:
    HB2 has barred transgender people from some public restrooms and other facilities matching their gender identity.
  3. FACT:
    HB2 has stopped cities from setting minimum wage increases.
  4. FACT:
    More than 200 major CEOs and business leaders signed a letter calling for the full repeal of HB2, including many of North Carolina's largest employers.
  5. FACT:
    Because of HB2, five states and many cities now prohibit public employees from traveling to North Carolina.
  6. FACT:
    Because of HB2, artists and performers have cancelled concerts and spoken out. Major film studios and companies have stopped investments in North Carolina.
  7. FACT:
    HB2 is dangerous, puts LGBTQ people in harm’s way and must be repealed.
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