A rumored #LicenseToDiscriminate order from the Trump administration could put millions of LGBTQ Americans and women at risk of discrimination. A preliminary analysis of Trump’s order indicates that LGBTQ people and women will be at risk in the following:
  1. An LBT woman suffering from intimate partner violence could be refused screening and counseling for domestic violence if a provider holds religious objections to same-sex Relationships
  2. Transgender women could be turned away when seeking preventative care — including cancer screenings and mammograms
  3. A Social Security Administration employee could refuse to accept or process spousal or survivor benefits paperwork for a surviving same-sex spouse
  4. A federal contractor could launch a cyber-bullying campaign against an LGBTQ organization for advocating on behalf of transgender people without losing the contract
  5. Agencies receiving federal funding, and even their individual staff members, could refuse to provide services to LGBTQ children in crisis, or to place adoptive or foster children with a same-sex couple simply because of their sexual orientation