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    LGBTQ News Out of Washington đź“°
    Trump nominates radical anti-LGBTQ state senator to lead the U.S. army...Gorsuch has dangerous worldview; dismisses role of courts in protecting civil rights…Congressional forum on state of civil rights under Trump...Trump guarantees fight on Hill over his radical anti-LGBTQ nominee for US Army Sec...Despicable Bush-era official who punished and fired employees for being LGBTQ appointed to Trump admin...HRC calls on senators to draw a line in the sand - #StopMarkGreen.
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    Global Equality 🌎
    New reports that Chechen authorities are arresting and murdering gay men in Russia - placing them in secret prisons…HRC to Trump -- take action to stop anti-LGBTQ violence in Russia, protect human rights at home and abroad...Same-sex couple arrested in Indonesia - faces 100 lashings...Ghanan authorities make arrest in anti-gay blackmail case...The Falkland Islands legalizes marriage equality...Tunisian police access private school media accounts to target LGBTQ people for arrest.
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    Transgender Rights đź’—đź’™
    Outed on national television -- transgender “Survivor” contestant tells his story...Inspiring transgender high schooler’s dream comes true as she runs on the girl’s track team… Watch: Dove celebrates transgender mom in new ad...New report - anti-trans laws have devastating effects on trans children...In Wash Post, HRC’s Sarah McBride calls on John Hopkins to disavow anti-LGBTQ attacks by faculty member.
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    Equality from State to State 🇺🇸
    Foster parent speaks out against AL’s anti-LGBTQ foster care bill...NE court affirms decision ending ban of same-sex foster parents...Victory! NM Gov signs bill protecting LGBTQ youth from “conversion therapy”...Growing chorus of major cities and states reaffirm travel ban to NC...Hawaiian LGBTQ community seeks equal access to fertility treatment...AL Senate Committee advances shameful anti-LGBTQ child welfare bill...Shameful - OK House staffers send email calling LGBTQ students “cross-dressers.