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  1. The Trump Administration 🏛️
    Trump again threatening unprecedented license to discriminate order targeting LGBTQ Americans…Trump relieves US Surgeon General of duties...Army Sec nominee Mark Green claims he is not anti-LGBTQ - & links to website that attacks LGBTQ service members…”Are some dems going soft on LGBTQ rights in the age of Trump?”...#Trump100Days -- An overwhelming failure on LGBTQ equality...31 House Democrats send letter opposing anti-LGBTQ nomination of Mark Green.
  2. Atrocities in Chechnya
    New York Times interview with gay Chechens exposes torture, starvation, electroshock tactics by police...”As Chechnya tortures & kills gay men, Putin shrugs”...23 nations sign statement calling on Russia to investigate horrors in Chechnya…U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum condemns Chechnya’s persecution of gay men...WeHo City Council condemns Chechnya’s attacks on gay men.
  3. Global Equality 🌎
    Paris police officer killer was LGBTQ equality advocate...Top U.N. expert on LGBTQ issues meets with American LGBTQ advocates...Photo exhibit at HRC commemorates anniversary of murdered Bangladeshi LGBTQ advocates...Olympian & record-breaking pole vaulter comes out...30 Iranian men arrested on suspicion of same-sex sexual activity.
  4. Transgender Equality in the News 📰
    HRC to honor trans traiblazers Jazz Jennings & Ruby Corado...HRC mourns loss of Chay Reed - trans woman murdered in Miami…Trans congresswoman in Philippines fighting for LGBTQ equality...Trans candidates for Mpls City Council seek party endorsements...The epidemic of violence against transgender women must end...Lyft & Uber call out anti-trans Texas amendment.
  5. Equality from State to State 🇺🇸
    TX foster care backlog can be helped by welcoming & reaching out to potential LGBTQ families…Gov. Ivey - don’t place anti-LGBTQ extremism over lives of children...NH city adds gender identity to employment nondiscrim policy...Anti-LGBTQ adoption bill heads to AL gov’s desk….SD soup kitchen refuses to serve trans woman...TN lawmakers vote to undermine protections for women & LGBTQ people in effort to challenge marriage equality...LA House Committee advances LGBTQ-inclusive domestic violence bill.