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    HRC, major civil rights groups & leaders condemn violence in Charlottesville…After 3 days, Trump finally denounces white supremacy...HRC President Chad Griffin -- “Trump stands with racists, anti-semites, unfit to serve”…Chilling new HRC video highlights Trump’s embrace of racists, anti-semites, neo-Nazis & homophobes…Pence stands with Trump & his neo-Nazi, racist, anti-semitic supporters…Mother of domestic terror victim Heather Heyer--“we’re going to make her death count”.
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    Trump Administration 🏛️
    Trump admin poised to roll back ACA’s LGBTQ protections in health coverage…Secretary of the Navy speaks out against Trump’s tweeted transgender servicemember ban…CBO report -- Trump’s threats to “implode” ACA would cause premiums, fed deficit to skyrocket.
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    Equality from State to State 🇺🇸
    More than 50,000 Texans take action to oppose anti-LGBTQ measures…Netroots highlights fight for LGBTQ equality in the South…Texas legislature ends special session without passing anti-trans bill…HRC’s groundbreaking conference supporting LGBTQ youth to be held in Orlando…Louisiana governor appeals ruling banning LGBTQ-inclusive executive order…New York governor to insurers -- you can’t discriminate against transgender people…HRC Welcoming Schools trains Madison, Wisconsin school district.
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    Transgender Equality💙💗💗💙
    Junk science used to discriminate against transgender people…HRC mourns Gwynevere River Song, trans person murdered in Dallas…HRC mourns Holly Boswell, creator of transgender symbol.
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    Global Equality 🌎
    Uganda pride canceled following police threats…Australian anti-marriage equality coalition mistakenly uses bisexual pride flag as logo…Nigerian LGBTQ advocate granted asylum in United Kingdom…Libyan LGBTQ advocate granted asylum in Germany...Our hearts go out to the victims of the Barcelona terrorist attack…Northern Ireland judge dismisses marriage equality cases…Ugandan Pride shut down for second consecutive year.