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  1. Around the Globe
    Sri Lanka simplifies process for legal gender changes on official documents...Two Tunisian men to stand trial after accusations of being LGBTQ...Dozens gather for Montenegro’s LGBTQ pride event...Filipino Senate anti-discrimination bill to protect LGBTQ community reaches Senate plenary...India’s first TV show to feature LGBTQ chraracters fills prime-time spot.
  2. President-Elect Trump
    Trump allies call for incoming administration to purge State Department of pro-LGBTQ employees...Yet another anti-LGBTQ official in Trump’s White House...Trump continues to exploit Pulse massacre to support Islamophobic views...Attempt to torpedo UN’s first LGBTQ rights watchdog fails.
  3. U.S. News
    Inspirational voices of 2016: John Lewis’s sit-in on the House floor and eloquent speech at HRC’s National Dinner....Trans youth invited to watch “Rogue One” at White House…Alarming--House Freedom Caucus demands rollback of LGBTQ protections…Slate launches special on lesbian issues...Who inspired us in 2016: Survivors of Pulse nightclub shooting...Vanderbilt will research effects of LGBTQ policies...Orlando’s struggle to heal…Hate crimes charges for murder of transgender woman.
  4. In the States
    U.S. v. Windsor lawyer files brief in Mississippi HB 1523 appeal case...Missouri court orders new trial for man sentenced for not disclosing HIV status...Georgia House minority leader calls for statewide LGBTQ protections.
  5. LGBTQ and Allied Celebrities
    Must watch: Buzzfeed interviews Laura Jane Grace, lead singer of the band “Against Me!”...Meryl Streep to be honored with HRC’s Ally for Equality Award...Tegan and Sara launch foundation for LGBTQ girls and women.
  6. North Carolina
    Inspirational voices of 2016: Transgender Carolinians speak out...North Carolina General Assembly must immediately #REPEALHB2....North Carolina General Assembly to hold special session to #REPEALHB2...HB2 repeal fails, deeply discriminatory bill continues to target LGBTQ people across NC.