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  1. North Carolina
    HRC polling shows NC’s HB2 doomed Pat McCrory with Trump voters...Anti-LGBTQ politicking cost Pat McCrory governor’s seat; NC Gov.-elect Roy Cooper will work to repeal discriminatory HB2 law that sank McCrory...Equality champion Josh Stein will succeed Roy Cooper as Attorney General...Check out Maine basketball players protesting NC’s anti-LGBTQ HB2 law before game with Duke...HRC and Equality NC tour state to highlight Roy Cooper’s victory.
  2. President-Elect Trump
    Trump picks Ben Carson to head HUD, adding yet another cabinet nominee with long anti-LGBTQ record...Fact 1. Trump meets with McCrory. Fact 2. Trump has not once, not twice, but (at least) three times endorsed NC’s vile HB2...Will Trump Labor nominee protect LGBTQ workers?...Former U.S. Ambassador urges Trump to support efforts to promote LGBTQ rights abroad.
  3. LGBTQ and Allied Celebrities
    Mandy Moore talks about mother, two brothers who are LGBTQ...Miss Missouri’s message to LGBTQ youth...Grammy Award-winner Tena Clark to perform new song at HRC Mississippi rally calling for repeal of anti-LGBTQ law...Janet Mock discusses premiere of HBO’s “The Trans List”...Lady Gaga visits LGBTQ youth homeless shelter.
  4. Around the Globe
    HRC joins equality partners in Mexico for international CEI launch...Gambia rejects anti-LGBTQ president Yahya Jammeh in historic election...LGBTQ advocates celebrate pride in Delhi..Bangladesh LGBTQ community still reeling from brutal murder of LGBTQ advocate...Malta becomes first European country to ban so-called “conversion therapy”...HRC launches 2017 Corporate Equality Index in Mexico City.
  5. Transgender Equality
    Transgender-friendly mosque in Pakistan...NCTE releases groundbreaking survey on transgender people...Transgender young people in New York now eligible to receive Medicaid coverage for appropriate care.
  6. U.S. News
    Record number of top US companies embracing inclusive policies for LGBT workers...Texas stands to lose $8.5 billion if it pursues anti-LGBTQ legislation...Legal funds for LGBTQ people established in Maine, Tennessee...Arkansas Supreme Court attacks parental rights of same-sex couples...Congress passes defense bill without anti-LGBTQ Russell Amendment...David Cicilline becomes first openly LGBTQ Representative elected to a House leadership position.