Top LGBTQ Headlines You Might Have Missed This Week: Feb. 13-17, 2017

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  1. Equality from State to State
    WaPo looks at ‘License to Discriminate’ state bills...NFL to Texas -- No games for states with discriminatory laws...South Dakota advances bill to allow taxpayer-funded anti-LGBTQ discrimination...HRC hails challenge of Arkansas ruling denying same-sex couples’ parental rights...New Mexico Senate passes legislation protecting LGBTQ youth from “conversion therapy”...Texas letter-writing campaign takes aim at SB6...Montanans urge lawmakers to pass nondiscrimination law.
  2. The Trump Administration
    Gorsuch and Trump -- Supporting each other, but not the LGBTQ community... LGBTQ groups call on Trump Administration to keep protections for transgender students...HRC joins coalition of civil rights groups calling on Senate to oppose SCOTUS nominee Gorsuch...TIME explores LGBTQ community’s post-election fears.
  3. Fight for Transgender Equality
    Sessions seeks to undermine transgender student protections...NC march to #RepealHB2...NC Gov Cooper proposes HB2 repeal, but with strings...TX and NC Lt. Govs join hate group, spread lies about transphobic legislation...800 parents sign letter condemning admin undermining of trans student protections...Trans man challenges discriminatory Japanese law...JoJo Striker, trans woman murdered in Ohio...Trans actress Laverne Cox calls attention to #StandWithGavin...Trans athlete opens up about HB2.
  4. LGBTQ and Allied Stars in the News
    Meryl Streep encourages standing up for equality at gala...Katie Couric interviews first openly trans boy scout...Grammys honors LGBTQ performers, allies...YouTuber Bryan Stars comes out…NY TIMES columnist Charles Blow to speak at Time to THRIVE.
  5. LGBTQ Rights Around the Globe
    Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) earns “Hate Group” designation by the Southern Poverty Law Center...Anti-LGBTQ activist compares LGBTQ advocates to Nazis...Global freedoms continue to decline...Peruvian legislators introduce marriage equality bill on Valentine’s Day...Pro-LGBTQ hashtag trends in Saudi Arabia.