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  1. A New Administration
    Trump sworn in; HRC vows to hold him to his word to be a servant for all Americans…“No room for prejudice” except apparently on federal government websites...How HUD impacts the LGBTQ community...Trump’s press secretary “doesn’t know” if President will protect LGBTQ federal contractors...HRC holds press conference in Alabama to oppose Sessions...In new video, LGBTQ young people ask Trump to be president for all...More than 50,000 young people told us how the election affected them.
  2. Equality From State to State
    NC mayor warns TX legislature about anti-LGBTQ bills...VA Police Department hires two LGBTQ community liaisons...HRC previews anti-LGBTQ state action in 2017...VA lawmakers advance bill promoting taxpayer-funded discrimination...Discriminatory “Religious Freedom” bill dies in CO House...Anti-LGBTQ legislation pulled form WY House...Tech giants tell TX to take anti-trans bills off the table...ID man pleads guilty to hate crime in fatal beating of gay man.
  3. Around the Globe
    Canadian air transport security authority creates new policies to protect transgender travelers...Pro bono legal organization helps Australian trans community...LGBTQ refugee -- “I’m going to die here”...Trump cuts funds for foreign NGOs providing information about abortion... Donald Trump’s unconscionable immigration executive orders.
  4. Getting Active
    HRC joins Women’s March -- one of the largest ever protests in American history...Channeling the Women’s March energy into action...Home of civil rights pioneer Pauli Murray named National Historic Landmark...Youtuber and gamer Mark Fischbach raises $128,000 for HRC...HRC joins #NoBanNoWall rally...What the Women’s March means for trans teens...UNC gymnastics team makes bold statement against HB2.
  5. LGBTQ and Allied Stars Make Headlines
    Number of LGBTQ-owned businesses triple in five years...LGBTQ and ally films actors snag Oscar noms...Documentary on transgender social media star premieres at Sundance...LGBTQ businesses contribute $1.7 trillion to US economy...Model Hanne Gaby Odiele comes out as intersex...Journalist Katie Couric to be honored at HRC’s national conference on LGBTQ youth...HRC and Elton John AIDS Foundation launch second year of program for young leaders in communities most affected by HIV.