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  1. The Trump Administration 🏛️
    As bipartisan opposition to Trumpcare grows, Mitch McConnell moves to take health care from millions…Broad coalition speaks out to stop Trump’s anti-LGBTQ judicial nominees…HRC opposes Trump’s anti-LGBTQ judicial nominee…Senate republicans confirm Trump’s anti-LGBTQ judicial nominee.
  2. Government ⚖️
    Stephen Colbert shreds AG Sessions for appearing with anti-LGBTQ hate group..House bill would prohibit ‘sex’ and ‘gender’ non-discrimination from including ‘gender identity’…Bill would help federal agencies collect better data on the LGBTQ community….HRC and other civil rights groups meet with Betsy DeVos to discuss critical Title IX sexual assault guidance...Civil rights organizations call on state education departments to protect trans students.
  3. Global Equality 🌎
    Indonesia to continue caning LGBTQ people…LGBTQ Serbian asylum seekers beat nearly to death in Germany…Israel vows to continue ban on same-sex adoption…London’s tube scraps gendered announcements -- public transport is for all...Despite odds, Honduras celebrates its pride...India names first ever openly transgender judge…Scotland may create gender neutral restrooms in schools...Taipei becomes first Taiwanese city to give parental leave to same-sex parents.
  4. #EyesOnChechnya 🚨
    Chechen president calls LGBTQ people “devils,” “not people”...#EyesOnChechnya -- MTV teams up with celebs to speak out…Kremlin calls Chechen president’s anti-LGBTQ comments ‘nothing out of the unusual’…Horrifying firsthand accounts of human rights abuses in Chechnya.
  5. Equality from State to State 🇺🇸
    IBM takes out ad against Texas’ anti-trans proposed legislation…Growing chorus of businesses speak out against anti-trans leg in TX special session…UT court refuses to allow trans people to change gender on legal docs...Savannah, GA opens LGBTQ center...RI gov signs bill protecting youth from ‘conversion therapy’…Anti-LGBTQ activists launch ballot measure assault on trans Alaskans…Allentown, PA protects youth from ‘conversion therapy’…MI corrections dept implements policy for trans inmates.
  6. Health Care & the LGBTQ Community🏥🌡
    #NotACharacterFlaw -- Minority Mental Health Month...LGBTQ advocates remain vigilant on health care...The fight for LGBTQ inclusive sex ed…Exposing the anti-trans junk science of Paul McHugh.
  7. LGBTQ News in Entertainment 🌟
    Jazz Jennings takes on tobacco industry…‘Queen Sugar’ actor Brian Michael Smith comes out as trans...Win tickets to taping of ‘Will & Grace’…‘Heroes’ actor Thomas Dekker comes out as gay…’Out’ ‘Power 50’ honors LGBTQ advocates, changemakers…Singer Greyson Chance comes out as gay…Heartwarming interaction between ‘Drag Race’ star, LGBTQ teen…Movie tells story of Billie Jean King winning ‘The Battle of the Sexes’…WNBA star Sue Bird comes out as gay…TLC special highlights trans youth.