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  1. Organizations Working Toward Inclusion
    HRC & more than 80 orgs call on NCAA to reaffirm commitment to inclusion in tournament events site selection...NCAA affirms commitment to LGBTQ inclusion in tourney selection process...AXΩ lives up to its motto, accepts all real, strong women to the sisterhood.
  2. LGBTQ Health and Safety
    HRC joins Kentucky protests of GOP plan to undo ACA, LGBTQ provisions...24M people would lose health coverage, LGBTQ people harmed with GOP plan...LGBTQ elderly at higher risk of health issues...House Republicans vote down protections for LGBTQ, disabled students...Recent attacks reveal uptick in bias-motivated violence...LGBTQ refugee’s life in limbo after immigration executive order...DC's Casa Ruby vandalized, staff member assaulted...Mother delivers tearful plea for trans daughter’s safety.
  3. Equality from State to State
    South Dakota first to sign anti-LGBTQ bill this legislative session...North Carolina Gov. Cooper reaffirms commitment to fully repeal HB2 in State of the State Address...Greensboro Coliseum to lose $118M over HB2...Alabama’s HB24 puts vulnerable children at risk...Texas Senate advances anti-trans SB6...Alabama House advances bill allowing taxpayer-funded discrimination...Cities, towns stand up for LGBTQ rights -- even when their states won’t...Anti-LGBTQ bills target children and families.
  4. LGBTQ and Allied Leaders in the News
    LGBTQ military families will continue to fight under Trump...LGBTQ ally and NYPD Officer who delighted us all in pride parade dance dies of cancer...Tribal equality for two spirit and LGBTQ people...Professional wrestler Anthony Bowens comes out as bisexual...TIME cover -- “Beyond He or She.”
  5. The Trump Administration
    Pence’s revisionist history on HIV and “conversion therapy”...Sessions erases LGBTQ and Latinx identities of Pulse shooting victims...HRC calls on Tillerson to rescind anti-LGBTQ extremists' appointments to UN Women’s Rights Meeting...HRC sends letter urging Senate to vet Gorsuch on equality issues...Congress members ask Sessions to investigate anti-trans violence...Trump must respond to hate-motivated crime...Rep. Kennedy III shares powerful ACA story.