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  1. The Trump Administration
    Trump admin removes sexual orientation question from National Senior Survey...“As one Republican to another”--don’t discriminate against LGBTQ community...HUD withdraws notices impacting LGBTQ homeless...Dept. of Energy Sec. Rick Perry rails against gay student instead of doing his job...VP Pence receives “Working for Women” award and it’s not a joke (we checked)...House delays vote on American Health Care Act.
  2. Global Equality
    Advocate challenges Trinidad and Tobago’s anti-sodomy laws...Osage Nation votes by referendum to approve marriage equality...Logo shares stories from LGBT Jamaicans...Caribbean religious officials ask U.S. to stop promoting LGBTQ rights abroad.
  3. SCOTUS Nominee Neil Gorsuch
    Neil Gorsuch opposed marriage equality in Oxford dissertation...Named plaintiff in marriage equality case speaks out against Neil Gorsuch in TIME oped...Neil Gorsuch’s ties to anti-LGBTQ law professor brought to light at Senate judiciary hearing…HRC Legal Director Sarah Warbelow testifies against Gorsuch nomination.
  4. Transgender Rights in the News
    Openly trans chief executive starts network to help trans community find work…Epidemic of violence against trans women of color noted on NBC Nightly News...HRC mourns transgender woman shot in Baltimore...Nearly 600 academics debunk anti-trans so-called “expert”...Kentucky principal to receive Upstander Award at Time to THRIVE for supporting trans students.
  5. Equality Across the U.S.
    NM sends anti-“conversion therapy” bill to Gov...AR House advances anti-trans HB1986...KY Gov signs anti-LGBTQ SB17...GA Gov on anti-LGBTQ bill--“I certainly don’t want that to happen”....AR advocates call out anti-LGBTQ bills...115+ anti-LGBTQ bills introduced in 30 states...VA Gov vetoes “License to Discriminate” bills...OR judge allows Portland resident to be without gender......Pro-equality Congressman Lowenthal on Equality Act..NCAA to NC--Keep HB2 and lose championship events through 2022.