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  1. The Trump Administration 🏛️
    LGBTQ youth storm the U.S. Capitol for Lobby Day...SCOTUS again rejects challenge to bill protecting youth from dangerous ‘conversion therapy’...#EqualityForward -- Bipartisan Equality Act introduced in Congress with unprecedented support...Shocker (not) -- Trump likely nominating yet another anti-LGBTQ lawmaker...Trump lays groundwork for a #LicenseToDiscriminate…Trump sat down to dinner with anti-LGBTQ extremists before signing this executive order.
  2. #StopMarkGreen 🚫
    Military academics warn that anti-LGBTQ army sec nominee Mark Green would pose “serious threat” to military values...U.S. House Democratic WHIP Hoyer calls on Trump to withdraw Mark Green nomination...Growing chorus on capitol hill and beyond oppose Army Sec Nominee Mark Green…Chorus of Senate and House Armed Services Committee members opposes Mark Green for Army Secretary…The Truman National Security Project sent a letter with over 80 signers to the committee asking them to oppose Mark Green.
  3. Global Equality 🌎
    Russian police arrest citizens protesting murders of gay men by Chechen police...#EyesOnChechnya -- HRC to hold protest at Russian ambassador’s home…German Chancellor urges Putin to intervene in Chechnya...Russian LGBTQ group hears from 75 affected by Chechen attacks on gay men...Hong Kong judge rules that married same-sex couples entitled to equal civil servant benefits...Ugandan LGBTQ advocate honored by Fortune.
  4. Equality from State to State 🇺🇸
    KQED seeks to unseal video of ‘Prop 8’ trial...KY judge refuses to hear adoption cases involving same-sex parents...Rep Ros-Lehtinen announces retirement...Faith leaders urge TX lawmakers to support LGBTQ people...CT Board of Regents affirms Title IX…MI man sues funeral home for refusing to bury husband...TN bill harms LGBTQ people...LGBTQ Texans face workplace discrimination....AL Gov signs anti-LGBTQ bill…NY affirms state travel ban to NC…LGBTQ advocates call on TN Gov to veto anti-LGBTQ bill.