1. In the Military:
    New film, TransMilitary, highlights transgender servicemembers and veterans... The Department of Veterans Affairs proposes to lift ban on gender confirmation surgery for transgender veterans...Eric Fanning says it’s “an incredible honor” to serve as first openly gay Secretary of the U.S. Army.
  2. Transgender Equality:
    President Obama stands up for transgender youth...Cleveland City Council prepares to vote on transgender rights bill... Appeals court denies VA school’s request to rehear transgender student’s rights case...HRC calls on Rep. leadership to condemn lawmaker’s attacks on LGBT people as “worthy of death”...TX Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick doesn’t know any trans people, but urges schools to discriminate against them.
  3. The Fight Against HB2 Continues:
    UNC won’t enforce vile HB2 law...North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper reiterates opposition to HB2...HRC calls on FAA to ensure that U.S. taxpayers aren’t footing bill for discrimination by NC airports.
  4. Around the Globe:
    Brit’s health service shocks, refuses to provide HIV-prevention drug...Nauru decriminalizes same-sex activity.