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  1. 2016 Election
    NC voters reject Pat McCrory & his discriminatory HB2...Trump Admin. chief strategist Steve Bannon is anti-LGBTQ, white nationalist...Pepsico CEO — my female & non-white employees are asking, “Are we safe?” after election...FBI reports alarming spike in reports of hate-fueled violence in wake of Trump election...Trump transition team candidates well-versed in anti-LGBTQ hate…LGBTQ service members concerned Trump will roll back gains...Trump taps anti-civil rights Sen. Jeff Sessions for AG.
  2. Transgender Awareness
    HRC launches Parents for Transgender Equality Council...VA withdraws proposed rule allowing veterans to access affirmation surgery...New study raises questions about VA’s decision to deny gender affirmation surgery over cost…2016 State Legislative report — anti-trans legislation spread nationwide...A matter of life and death: fatal violence against transgender people in America 2016.
  3. LGBTQ Visibility in the U.S.
    Orlando celebrates first pride since Pulse shooting...Anti-equality bills filed for 2017 Texas State Legislative session...Breaking: nearly 100 tech company leaders and business groups meeting to battle state anti-LGBTQ bills...Ellen Degeneres to be honored with Presidential Medal of Freedom...Sen. Tammy Baldwin becomes first openly-LGBTQ Senator elected to caucus leadership.
  4. LGBTQ Issues Around the Globe
    HRC submits letter to Romanian constitutional court in support of marriage equality...Ugandan court removes barrier allowing commission to ignore LGBTQ discrimination...Canada appoints LGBTQ special advisor...Progressive, civil rights organizations unified post election.