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  1. Election Countdown
    She’s got the eye of the tiger — and you’re going to hear her roar (for Hillary)...Trump outlines a dangerous and grim first 100 days in office...Breaking — Bloomberg reports Trump campaign engaging in voter suppression...Hillary Clinton and FLOTUS in NC...#turnOUT in the Sunshine State....Hillary Clinton lays out bold plan to combat bullying in schools.
  2. HRC in the News
    HRC releases FL ad featuring Pulse survivor as early voting begins…USA Today headlines HRC’s unprecedented effort to get out vote for Hillary Clinton & other pro-equality candidates…New HRC digital ad features mother of Pulse Nightclub victim urging Americans to honor son by voting for Hillary Clinton...HRC endorses John Gregg for Ind. Governor over “mini-Pence” opponent...HRC joins resolution on intersex awareness day...HRC joins with 42 Sens, calls on McCain to drop anti-LGBTQ language in NDAA
  3. The Poison of HB2
    Watch: NBC highlights how opposition to HB2 is driving early voting in North Carolina...In blistering takedown of Pat McCrory, Raleigh News & Observer endorses Roy Cooper for NC Governor...A whopping 730 more NC jobs lost as McCrory continues to put discrimination first…Sixty-six reasons not to vote for Pat McCrory...Raleigh News & Observer excoriates state official over “preposterous” claim that HB2 hasn’t hurt NC economy.
  4. Allies for Equality
    AMB. Susan Rice to address Obama Admin’s LGBTQ legacy...Salt Lake Tribune calls on public schools to “end silence” on LGBTQ people...LGBTQ-friendly affordable housing in Philly...FT’s top 50 future LGBT leaders...Usaid to prohibit anti-LGBTQ discrimination in all contracts...Jason Collins, FTW…Orlando magic creates heartwarming tribute to Pulse...World Bank appoints Clifton Cortez as first-ever senior advisor on SOGI issues.