Top LGBTQ Headlines You Might Have Missed This Week: Oct. 3-7, 2016

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  1. Clinton & Kaine for the Pro-Equality Win
    Hillary Clinton continues calling upon our better angels...Hillary Clinton calls for racial healing in Charlotte...Tim Kaine tells CNN he wanted debate time on LGBTQ rights...She just keeps making history — Hillary Clinton is first major-party presidential candidate ever to write op-ed for an LGBTQ publication...If LGBTQ people vote, Clinton wins. Simple as that.
  2. Trump & Pence Keep Digging
    Shame — Trump refuses to support trans troops...Pence to the American People — Donald who?...Mike Pence’s hateful politics...Mike Pence is nationally notorious for attacking LGBTQ people....“Genius” #DontheCon keeps digging...HRC president calls out Trump/Pence for attacking LGBTQ people for perceived political gain.
  3. Across the Country
    Victory in Alabama! Roy Moore is #NoMoore...HB2 fallout continues as CIAA moves championships out of NC...Prestigious James Beard Foundation cancels NC visit, citing HB2...HRC endorses Russ Feingold of Wisconsin for US Senate...ICYMI — NY loitering laws target trans women...LGBTQ parental rights win in Massachusetts...NY moves to allow trans young people to access hormone therapy...Out of tragedy, hope rises in Orlando…Calling on Johns Hopkins leadership to disavow specious anti-LGBTQ “report”.
  4. Around the Globe
    The UN appoints first expert on LGBTQ discrimination...Canadian Archbishop to same-sex unions despite church ruling...Isle of Man poised to pardon men convicted of same-sex activity...Hundreds of minors arrested under India’s anti-LGBTQ law...Filipino speaker endorses same-sex union.