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  1. Fight Against North Carolina’s HB2 Continues
    What will it take, Gov. McCrory? Investment managers representing $2.1 trillion urge full HB2 repeal...Clinton on NC’s HB2 — “The American dream is big enough for everybody”...NC Gov. Pat McCrory blames everyone but himself for his disastrous HB2 law...Reggie Bullock opens up about HB2...ACC moves championship game to Orlando after NC refuses to #RepealHB2.
  2. 2016 Election
    Trump adds Rick Santorum as adviser...HRC endorses Florida’s Patrick Murphy for US Senate...Monday night— two candidates, one president...HRC and Rock the Vote join forces to register pro-equality voters...Will & Grace cast reunites to (hilariously) get out the pro-equality vote...As president, Trump would appoint judges to overturn marriage equality....New report says voter ID laws disenfranchise trans people....HRC endorses AZ rep. Kirkpatrick for the US Senate.
  3. Around the Globe
    LGBTQ rights at the UN...Pride-goers blocked by Ugandan Police…London to expand gender options on city forms...Threats force cancellation of LGBTQ festival in Haiti...Most Australians give [thumbs down] to non-binding vote on marriage equality.
  4. Across the U.S.
    HRC joins Americans for responsible solutions in Orlando...#Shame! Louisiana AG blocks state contracts protecting LGBTQ workers...Boston college students silently protest response to anti-LGBTQ slur...Jacksonville Sheriff’s office has new LGBTQ non-discrimination policy.