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  1. Equality Around the Globe
    Mexicans march to support marriage equality...Anti-LGBTQ preacher sued for promoting discrimination in Uganda...Tanzania threatens to ban LGBTQ organizations...Australians to vote on marriage equality...Hate-mongering pastor banned from entering South Africa…Openly gay candidates running for office in Russia.
  2. Fight Against North Carolina’s HB2 Continues
    NCAA pulls championship events from NC over discriminatory HB2 Law…Memo to McCrory — Repeal HB2 and apologize for vile attacks…ACC follows NCAA lead, moves championship games out of NC over anti-LGBTQ HB2…HRC and ENC endorse candidates for the NC General Assembly.
  3. Across the United States
    Groundbreaking map shows where same-sex couples live in US…Georgia trans advocates appeal for right to change name…Virginia school district considers policy to bar gender identity discrimination…Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen co-sponsors Equality Act…Michigan Education Board approves LGBTQ guidance for schools…Tennessee Republicans trying to insert themselves into same-sex divorce case…First openly transgender service member promoted… End AIDS coalition launches.
  4. Anti-LGBTQ Discrimination
    Federal government asks for clarification in trans discrimination case...Weeks before Transgender Day of Remembrance, trans woman found murdered in Chicago…Gay man shot in third anti-LGBTQ assault in Detroit since July…Arkansas Catholic Diocese issues harmful anti-LGBTQ policy…Catholic school refuses to enroll transgender student...Two confess in hate-fueled anti-gay murder case…Iowa football team’s under investigation for using racist and anti-LGBTQ slurs.