1. She's adorable, obvs.
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    I mean, who else can pull off rain boots that look like little red condoms?
  2. She is out-of-her-mind excited to see me when I get home.
    Even if I've only been gone for 10 minutes. But seriously, you should see her when I get back from a trip.
  3. She tries so hard to be good.
    She stays in her bed during dinner instead of prowling for crumbs or (shudder) begging for scraps... but sometimes she has to make sure you know she is still there, being good (whiiiiiiine). She does her business quickly in the winter... until that amazing new smell catches her attention. She tries to sit instead of jump to greet you... even if that pesky tail won't stop wagging!
  4. She loves unconditionally.
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    No seriously. Who needs a boyfriend?
  5. She is a great snuggler.
    Again... Who needs a boyfriend?
  6. She'll always take the fall when you have to "blame it on the dog..."
    Now that's loyalty.