The Most Interesting People I Took Care Of

Caregiving is one of the hardest vocation. But if you see God in them, caring for them is a reward itself.
  1. Friend of Evita Peron
    Former officer at the embassy in Argentina. She told me stories how former President Juan Peron used Eva until her very last breath. Both of them are Women's Right Advocate. She diffused an angry man's rage who want to shoot people at the embassy and convinced him to surrender his gun and go home. She also showed me books that was given to her by Jackie Onasis and dignitaries during her time.
  2. Star Wars & 50 Oscar wins
    It's not George Lucas. He is the kindest man I ever met. With all his accomplishments & wealth, he is down to earth. It's always been a pleasure working for him.
  3. Lady in Paris
    Paris is her favorite city. She's very independent, great sense of humor, wisdom, and understanding mother. Our common denominator are classical music, spirituality, books of Marianne Williamson, metaphysics and great food.
  4. Teacher's Pet
    Retired professor, former military officer, he also worked in the movie industry. He told me the history of migration of Jews, Mexicans and African Americans in South Los Angeles and his adventure in Europe in the military.
  5. The Dutch Doctor
    He is the most awarded physician that I took care of. The big wall in his office has plethora of plaques and recognition by the highest medical boards. He told me romantic stories of his younger years at his home town. He gave a practical advise to buy the most comfortable bicycle seat in Amsterdam, and take the seat off when you park because people will steal it. He still practice at age 90.