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  1. When something funny just happened
  2. During school...
    Like right now
  3. In the restroom...
    Like right now
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  1. They gag you
  2. They try talking to you when they are working in your mouth and then get mad when you respond
    Hey man I was just responding to your thousands of questions and your getting frustrated with me?
  3. They pull teeth out sometimes
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  1. Its only $22 a ticket!
  2. To say I saw JB, duh...
  3. To see priceless reactions...
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  1. Do I answer?
  2. What if I don't answer... Will they hate me?
  3. Ill call them back later
    When you really know you won't
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  1. Waking up at unreasonable times in the morning
  2. Getting in and out of a wetsuit with much struggle
  3. Being cold at unreasonable temperatures
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  1. They have a revolving door
  2. They have a revolving door
  3. They have a revolving door
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